Rose is the best landscape gardener we have ever had, I just can’t say enough good things about her. We had a good garden a friend of ours helped us make, Rose was able to make everything come together very beautifully and she made it look good the whole year. Our choices had been great for June Blooming flowers, but Rose added plants that made it great all year. Everything she told us to plant worked!
— Robin Hartley

Rose designed a bird garden for me. Everything she chose for my garden was perfect. I can see finches and chickadees from my desk window everyday of the year. I will be forever grateful to Rose for bringing the elements of nature together in her designs so beautifully. I didn’t know most of these plants existed! but the birds just love them!
— Jim Lynch
Nature’s Designs transformed my front yard. I wanted bright colors in a shady area and no maintenance. They did all of this and I was so pleased, it even showcased my statuary art! Rose really knows her plants.
— Natalie Morris
I really wanted to fix up my yard before a big party. I already had some stuff I liked, but a lot that wasn’t working. When I called Nature’s Designs Rose was able to see what I had that I wanted to keep and build on it in just the right way that I never would have thought of to make my yard look like the pages of a magazine. I love my new yard.
— Kristi Powell