The FedEx lady delivered a package today - they normally just leave it on the porch. But today, she rang twice to get me to answer the door and told me how beautiful my yard is and asked if I did it.
It’s so beautiful Rose. You won’t believe it! Even the pool guy swoons when he’s here.

— Donna in Healdsburg
Thanks for all the plant pictures and information that was provided at the beginning. I now walk around with that and look at the plants and say – oh here it is!

Garden looks great.

— Anita in Guerneville
Rose is the best landscape gardener we have ever had, I just can’t say enough good things about her. We had a good garden a friend of ours helped us make, Rose was able to make everything come together very beautifully and she made it look good the whole year. Our choices had been great for June Blooming flowers, but Rose added plants that made it great all year. Everything she told us to plant worked!
— Robin in Bennett Valley
Hi Rose,
I was just thinking this a few days ago and wanted to email you... every time I walk or drive up to the house and see all those gorgeous white and purple flowers and pretty plants, it looks so wonderful! Thank you for choosing such beautiful varieties and creating such a lovely, homey, appealing design. It makes me happy to see how nice it looks to us and just
people driving by!
Also the fence is so beautiful too! That pretty white wood and detailed, thorough, well-made design seriously makes me want to take pictures in front of it or something, haha! It looks great and the handiwork is really nice... thank you for making an average fence into something pretty and a nice “background” to our yard and driveway instead of just a fence!

Thank you for all your do and all your expertise, we appreciate it very much!

— Sharon in Fountaingrove
Rose designed a bird garden for me. Everything she chose for my garden was perfect. I can see finches and chickadees from my desk window everyday of the year. I will be forever grateful to Rose for bringing the elements of nature together in her designs so beautifully. I didn’t know most of these plants existed! but the birds just love them!
— Jim in Guerneville
Nature’s Designs transformed my front yard. I wanted bright colors in a shady area and no maintenance. They did all of this and I was so pleased, it even showcased my statuary art! Rose really knows her plants.
— Natalie in Sebarstopol
We are very happy with how the front yard turned out.
And, if you’re interested in taking on another challenge, we’d like to work with you on the backyard design.
— Judy in Oakmont