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About Nature’s Designs

Nature’s Designs is a Garden Design Firm focused on Sustainable Landscape Design.

We are licensed in Landscape Contracting by the state of California. You can see our state board listing here.

Offering Garden Plans and Consultation Services to help you bring together the best plants and design features to work with your unique site considerations.

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We believe sustainable choices create the best strategy for garden success.

We specialize in Designing Perennial Gardens, Meadow Gardens, Low Maintenance Gardens, Habitat gardens, Bee and Butterfly gardens, Low Water Use Gardens, Low Fire load Gardens, Edible Gardens, Dog Friendly Gardens, Hummingbird gardens, Colorful and Peaceful Gardens.

We provide Installation support services including Plant orders for all of the plants needed to bring your garden plan to life, a well as landscape placement and lay out.

We offer ongoing maintenance support as your garden grows and establishes to help keep things on track

and we offer irrigation support and programming for help managing your irrigation system needs.

Thank you for your interest in Nature’s Designs!